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Why are RPO solutions proving to be the best hiring strategies for businesses in 2021?

Even while life has been spinning around unemployment, lay-offs, worsening health, job security, and remote working for the past year, mankind’s gritty positivity and technology advancements make living pleasant, despite all the adversities. As new variants and survival instincts would not be letting pandemics subside any time soon, it has become imperative to devise productive and possible solutions for businesses to survive the downfalls. Thanks to the innovative technologies, 2020 witnessed a rampant increase in remote working models to the great relief of businesses. It is great to know that the Flexi or hybrid working model is taking precedence in 2021. The fluctuating workforce scenarios force employers to redesign their hiring strategies that now demand the recruiters to be well-versed in the latest technological requirements.

Recruitment process outsourcing is now emerging as the best solution for the growing demands of the hiring marketplace. Various demands ranging from proficiency in the latest technologies to nurturing a skillful talent community are forcing employers to outsource their demands as in-house recruiters are already overloaded with enormous responsibilities. In addition, unprecedented furloughs and immediate hiring are adding fuel to the existing issues.

As major employers pass through the worst financial plights, the system capable of hiring employees timely and cost-efficiently has become the need for the hour situation. Thankfully, RPOs that specialize in talent acquisitions render the work half done. Equipped with the best technologies and workforce, RPOs will be a great asset for corporates that can now rest assured of their hiring headaches.

How is the right dose of technology integration aid RPO hiring efficiency?

Technology has become an inevitable aspect of modern age working. Since the past year, the digital influx has been quite evident, with a notable demography forced to shift their workplaces to homes relying heavily on technology and high-speed networks. Moreover, the immense success of the remote working model and the organization’s enhanced economical status are now inspiring employers to invest considerably in this stride for the coming couple of years as well. This, in turn, has also necessitated employers to adopt innovative hiring strategies that can help recruiters onboard talents by leveraging technologies.

Conventional or old school recruiters might find the IT overload immensely tormenting, and training them with newer technologies would be strenuous. Employers must take this opportunity to outsource their recruitment needs to RPOs that are already IT skilled. RPO providers like, a keen digital player, have immense experience in digitally sensitizing their clients. Here are a few modern tools they have been using to woo the best talents:

  • The social media campaign is an inevitable digital strategy that can target a very wide audience, and RPOs are best leveraging its effectiveness to recruit talents.
  • AI-driven bot-based screening has been helping recruiters to screen resumes quickly and efficiently, making the repetitive job an automated process.
  • Screening techniques like Hackathons are proving to be the best ways to filter in the top talents.
  • Gamification platforms are abundantly engaged to make recruits understand organizations, culture, history, and other policies.
  • Lastly, cloud technology enables recruiters with easy access, storage, management, and retrieval of talent acquisition data.

While there is no doubt that the digital influx has been a driving force to make RPO an inevitable aspect of recruitment solutions, their engagement as a strategic business partner is providing organizations the much-needed budget optimizations and recruitment simplicity.

Learn how RPOs add value to the overall organizational structure

Multiple sourcing partners: Unlike the internal HR cell, RPOs trade in multiple sources like websites, social media, training centers, campus placements, and employee referrals to rope in the best talents.

Help optimize the organization’s budget: The involvement of RPOs as consultants requires them to be present through the various stages of the recruitment process like budgeting, forecasting staffing needs, and also provide on-demand solutions to multiple HR concerns. Their suggestions add value to the organization, especially when the company is under immense pressure.

Employer branding: Talent acquisition is a two-way process. As more and more candidates know about the employer in a hiring drive, the more are the chances of brand recall.

Candidacy management and onboarding: RPOs stick to the entire recruitment process, right from the initial screening to the project onboarding of candidates. During the whole tenure, the RPOs are responsible for managing the candidate’s journey throughout the process.

Technology influx: The Digital approach and latest technologies make the RPO processes cost-effective and highly efficient.

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