Never, ever underestimate the fierceness of your competition in the field of Internet Marketing. It’s for this reason you must always be on the lookout for highly effective ways to ensure that you not only deliver the most value, but you also dominate your niche. One of the very best ways to growing your online business is simply to create your own product funnel. I’ve spoken about how to set up and create profitable product funnels in some of my other blog posts, if you’ve missed any of them you can read them here. Unlike many other Internet Marketing techniques what I’m about to reveal will allow you not only to get more people to do business with you but it also encourages massive repeat business, enabling you to more easily maximize the value of each customer to your online business. Here are the 7 breakthrough steps to improving your product funnel creation…

1. Make your marketing messages more memorable. You can get more people to do more business with you if you can strengthen your online presence through using a simple, easy to remember marketing message that communicates a clear benefit.
2. Establish your expertise. As you might already know, people online will only do business with you if they’re confident in your abilities. Show these people what you’ve got what it takes by sharing a slice of your knowledge and expertise through publishing and ezine, writing articles and posting to a blog.
3. Bank on your website. Most people online will get a feeling of your credibility and your ability to provide great product based on the appearance and content of your website. So, have your website professionally-designed and ensure that it contains relevant and useful information. However when you do this be sure not to give everything away! Always make people feel they need to know more, then show them your products where “more” is revealed.
4. Make full use list building techniques. It’s a well established fact that most of your website visitors will not buy anything from you the first time they visit your website. This is why it’s critical to gain their name and email address so you can contact them again and again, each time bringing them back to your website. Be sure to offer them an incentive to subscribe.
5. Persuade online users to buy your products by making them an offer they can’t refuse. To make this a lot easier for you, I suggest that you offer huge discounts, special limited time offers and/or give away amazing bonuses with a high perceived value.
6. Make your customers feel valued. If you want to move your customers from one level of your product funnel to the next, you must take great care of them. Offer them with high quality products and be very responsive to their needs and demands.
7. Rinse and repeat… do whole process all over again. To guarantee a more steady stream of income, do the step-by-step process again starting from the first tip that I have given you for each of your products, on each level of your product creation funnel.

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