Learning a new language

Learning a new languageLearning a new language is itself a major challenge. It can be said to be a tricky process. Being excited about learning a new language, you are prone to make some mistakes even if you have enrolled in the best Foreign Language Training Institute. Here, some of the mistakes that are common and the ways to correct them are given.

Not Listening Properly

Similar to how babies learn a language by hearing and parroting the sounds, you can benefit from the practice of listening to learn a foreign language. It will strengthen your vocabulary and help identity the language’s patterns. You might not have the listening capacity, but you need to develop the same.

Lack of Flexibility

Learning a new languageLearning a new language involves uncertainty, and you will encounter new vocabularies, grammar rules, and dialectic exceptions that will build stress. This ambiguity feeling might lead to frustration, and you might decide to stop the course. However, small exercises such as listening to a song in the language will be helpful in understanding the gist.

A Single Route

You should use multiple ways to boost the learning process and stop sticking to a learning rut. The variety will let you practice many skills and experience the different concepts. The major language learning skills will be developed only when you go in different ways. These four language learning skills are given as follows.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking


The most important challenge in learning a foreign language is the fear of shyness or insecurity that will hinder the hard work that you put in the learning process. You might be afraid to speak in the foreign language due to the mistakes such as disorganizing the grammar or wrong pronunciation of the words as these would embarrass you. You need to understand that mistakes help in identifying the areas that lack attention and help you improve quickly.

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  1. Its a tough job to learn a new language, especially when we are not in the surrounding where that language is frequently spoken. As per my experience, in my workplace I have many Chinese colleagues and I have infraction with them from past 6 years and now I am able to speak Chinese upto 80%. At the same time I have a dream to learn German and also going classes for it from past six months and I am not able to speak even 15-20%. So, it all depends on our surrounding and necessity.

  2. Recently I learned German language from a coaching center near my town, but after few days when I lost the touch, I started forgetting it. So as per me to excel in any language, we should remain in touch with that particular language at least once in a day. Mostly I have found that, if we get people to interact with that same language then we can learn faster as compared to the coaching classes.

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