Architecture is the process and product of designing, planning and construction of physical structures like buildings and industrial set ups. Architecture in all its details and techniques is a work of art. It is the art and science of designing buildings in style and functionality. The design and planning of the space and ambiance must reflect functional, technical, environmental, social and aesthetic considerations. Architecture is the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology. Architectural design and planning must also take into consideration the aspects of scheduling, cost estimation, construction administration and project management.

The architect offers professional services in accordance with architecture. Their typical drawings, plan and technical specifications define the structure and behaviour of the physical system to be constructed. An architect plays a crucial role in all levels and types of construction. They are involved in both macro and micro level projects ranging from urban design and landscape architecture to construction details and furniture. Chennai is an urban area which requires the accomplishment of latest construction plans and even the renovation of existing ones. Architects vary in their roles and specializations. Industrial architects in Chennai focus on the industrial area of construction. There are those that specialize in residential areas, landscape etc. Approaching a renowned civil consultancy in Chennai will be able to guide you to the best services available.

Educational qualification:

An architect might attain a degree at the graduate level as a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree. The associate degree or diploma is a level lower than that of a bachelor’s degree. The architect requires a graduate degree to qualify as a professional architect. The architectural courses cover building materials, building systems, architecture drawing and graphic techniques. In India, a person can pursue Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch) after completing 12th standard. B.Arch is a 5-year course for those with the clarity of thought, excellent drawing abilities, aesthetic sense, creativity and social awareness. The course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge and helps the person to develop creative skills.

Bachelor’s in architecture may also be designed such that the candidates specialize in certain areas like landscape architecture, interior design, architecture and regional planning, and building and construction management. Following B.Arch the candidate may also pursue Master of Architecture which again offers a wide range of specialization such as advanced design, architectural and settlement conservation, architectural conservation, architectural design, building construction and management, construction management, computer applications, digital architecture, environmental architecture, industrial design, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture, and theory and design. After completion of M.Arch, the candidate may choose to pursue higher degrees through M.Phil or Ph.D.

Types of architects:

The type of architect refers to the type of constructions the architect works on and the specific capacity of a given project.

Residential architect: This architect focuses his efforts on the construction of beautiful private spaces for homeowners. They contribute to the customization of homes with unique styles and designs. A residential architect works with private clients and helps them design dream homes. A residential architect must be clearly aware of local building codes and regulations. Architects help clients bring their own personal visions to life.

Public or commercial architect: A public architect takes up larger ventures for businesses or government entities. They are involved in the designing and commissioning of public buildings like government facilities, shopping malls, libraries and other commercial spaces. Public facilities like railway stations, bus stations and airports also can be impressively designed by architects. An architect designs the space such that is aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. An architect applies ergonomics to the space being designed. Architects may follow any of various types of architecture from around the world to reflect upon the style of the building.

arcjoIndustrial architect: In order to work on industrial projects it would be best to pursue on the lines of civil engineering as industrial architecture requires more elaborate design, detail and skill as compared to public or private buildings. It empowers the candidate with advanced knowledge of science and engineering. Industrial buildings need to fulfill technical functions. Industrial projects require artistic skills only to a certain extent, unlike residential or commercial sectors.

Landscape architect: This type of architecture specializes in the designing of outdoor areas like recreational parks, gardens, lawns, campuses of institutions and commercial buildings and other public destinations. Private parties and many homeowners seek the services of landscape architects to design unique and remarkable outdoor areas. A landscape architect’s knowledge must go beyond that of simple construction and develop towards gardening and incorporation of living surroundings.

Interior design: Interior designing may be considered as a part of the overall architecture. While there are interior designers who offer their services exclusively to interior designing of spaces, architects may take a holistic approach to designing of buildings and their interiors. Architects can do a great job of integrating interior design and architecture to bring fluidity to the entire work.

An architect may integrate various specializations into their skills set such as interior designing and landscape architecture to create spaces that have the best possible flow both indoors and outdoors.

Green architecture: This is a relatively new field in architecture that specializes in the creation of eco-friendly structures. These are built with solar panels, underground rooms and innovative features to enable sustainable living and reduce energy costs. The structure may have an organic design that is consistent with the natural environment and surrounding.

Architecture is a field of great scope and variety to the inquisitive and creative mind allowing the architect to demonstrate skills, creativity and talent in all walks of life.

four-seasons-westlake-spa-day-at-worlds-best-hotel-3-7157332-regularIf you are looking out for the best spa in Chennai for a deluge into relaxation and rejuvenation it is not that hard with these handy tips! First and foremost, never get into a spa based only on its price. If the spa has got several referrals make sure to have a personal look rather than getting by the word. A good spa is identified based on the best customer service, their menu or choice of treatments and last but never the least ensure the cleanliness of the spa. With numerous spas evolving in most cities, many first timers depict their willingness to experience the varied spa treatments. Spa treatments known for its immense benefits towards the body and mind may also contribute to mild anxiousness in the first timers. They are prone to have innumerable queries about anything and everything which can be handled reasonably well only by a best customer friendly spa. Thus, a right spa is bound to give the best experiences, so here we get into the tips for choosing the right spa.

For the novice spa user never choose a spa based on its lesser or greater pricing attributes. It always results in misconception among the people while judging a spa based on its price. A relatively less priced spa might not guarantee the best customer service. Similarly, an expensively priced spa might as well not meet your high standards of expectations. So always look out for a spa that offers quality service and customer satisfaction in a price range that is equivalent to the services. Always have an individual look rather than listening to referrals. Looking out for best online reviews and referrals are definitely good options but make sure to have a personal check as well. Your best friend might share her superlative experience at a local spa, but there is no hard and fast rule that you should get into the same spa. Make sure to judge your friend’s critique in a wholesome manner and then arrive at your decision. Never decide what you get to hear. The paramount advertisement for a spa would be the actual product created and the quality of services offered.

A good customer service is a right key to choose the best spa. For example, when you visit two different spas for a pedicure, the treatment is going to be almost similar but the customer service offered is an important factor that decides the possibility of a subsequent visit. Customer service can be rated in terms of a friendly atmosphere, a pleasant welcome, a kind considerate behavior, a responsive conversation and offering utmost comfort before and after the treatment. On receiving such delightful experiences at the spa one would want to make repeated visits. Make sure to listen to such reviews before arriving on a decision. Have an overall look at the treatments available at the spa. A good spa must offer the right kind of treatment that you ask for rather than offering what they have. Have a look at the spa’s website for the range of services offered. Also, try to speak with an executive to know about the services in detail. While having a personal chat through the telephone it also enables to judge the amicability of staffs and quality of customer service. Many spas clearly portray their unique selling propositions with their price tag.

The best Egmore spa would offer an elaborate range of services from facial treatments, body wraps, and therapeutic massages to the sauna and laser treatments, make sure to choose the best spa based on treatment specificities. The most crucial factor, however, remains the cleanliness of a spa. While having clients back to back sometimes hygiene goes for a toss. Make sure to check if the sheets and tools utilized are changed after every treatment. Unclean spa acts as a reservoir for transmission of infections and diseases. Always, keep in mind that a clean spa is always the best spa. After choosing the best spa based on the following parameters, fix a prior appointment either by a telephonic conversation or by a personal visit. A personal visit offers an opportunity to have a look at the spa before the commencement of the treatment.

A few handy tips for the beginners from

Always wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing while going in for a spa treatment. It offers a lot more relaxation and lesser mess while having a therapeutic massage. Never hit the spa in the case of any physical ailments. Monitor the cleanliness of the spa environment before the beginning of the treatment. Make sure to have a cautious look at the towels and beds used for the treatment. Be careful with your personal belongings. Place your mobile phones and jewellery in the safety lockers offered by the spa. Ensure if the doors are locked properly before the commencement of the treatment. Most spas offer unisexual treatment, however; a few foot spas do not offer that provision. So at any point, if you are not comfortable make sure to avail the same gender therapist.

As a beginner with initial reluctance to go for a full body massage it is acceptable to go in for a foot or a head massage. Such massage does not mandate a change of clothes. A spa treatment or a session is conducted for about an hour to 75 minutes. Make sure to keep yourself free from any personal engagement during the treatment period. After a spa visit try to avoid public transport as the oil utilized during the treatment attracts enough dirt. Thus, a visit to a right spa revitalizes the mind and the body and offers the best memories.


Qatar has seen many high rise and ultramodern buildings and has much more coming up. This place being young and being a very dynamic business hub has to have the best architecture and be up to date with the world standards. Architecture and interior designing go hand in hand in delivering exquisite homes and workplaces. Other than the energy sector, the real estate sector being a major source of revenue, interior designing companies in Doha Qatar are in great demand. Check out new designs at

Many take great interest in interior designing because of its wide possibilities, creative experimenting and final aesthetic beauty it results in. There are many hobbyists that take an interest in the same and read interior design related magazines, websites and blogs along with exploring their surroundings. Many homemakers with knack and time have designed their homes elegantly. If you are a hobbyist with a keen sense of colors and design, starting up a business, it would be best to introduce yourself as an interior decorator. To be known as an interior designer one must hold a professional degree in the field.

Aspects to take care of even before you start the business

Decide upon a suitable location: Some may prefer to work from home while others would like to set up an office space. Those working from home will have difficulties getting yourself known and may have restricted space, but nevertheless, by employing the right strategies can succeed. Those who can afford an outlet must look for one that is located in a busy place, where it can be easily sighted.

Understand the business demands in that particular area: Once you have thought of a location, depending on the surroundings and nearby locations determine the possibilities. If the location is close to a residential area, the home decor will hold great potential, close to a corporate world, office decor would hold greater potential, so on and so forth.

Know possible competitors: Determine your competitors in the field and location that you would like to work in. Study them, know their strategies, strength and weaknesses.

Decide on your specialization: Once you have decided on a suitable location and determined possible competitors, depending on these determinants decide on what area you would like to specialize in. If you are home-based or work close to a residential area or upcoming residential area, chances are that you will succeed in home decor, if you are located in a corporate space chances are you will succeed in office decor.

Have enough money to survive the tempests of the first year of business: If you are already working, save enough money to invest in the business or find bank loans or suitable investors.

Getting started

Document yourself and get branded: Think of a suitable and catchy name for your business, apply for proprietorship and get the necessary licenses as relevant to that particular area and state.

Define the structure of your company: Determine whether you will work independently or in partnership. Know if you have to employ staff and determine the profile you are looking for. Advertise and screen for potential candidates as staff.

Business plan: Plan ahead. Make both short term and long term plans of what you would like to achieve. Also, make it a point to review what you have achieved from the list. Study any drawbacks and improve accordingly. Maintain an excellent portfolio.

Contact the right people: Resources go a long way in the field of business. It is essential to establish the right contacts and keep them close. An accountant and a legal advisor are a must before you start up. They will help you keep track of your expenses and also not fall into any traps of contracts and leases. Socialize with builders, architects, contractors, land developers, realtors and other active organizations.

Interior design and animal prints via Lonny-Mag-Animal-Print-ChairsSet up shop: If you are working from home, make arrangements to meet your potential clients at their homes or in a suitable coffee shop. If you are looking for a shop to buy or to take on a lease, look for a busy and happening area. You are most likely to meet all the right people in the right place. If you set up shop in a lesser known area, people will hardly notice you and potential clients will find it difficult to locate your shop.
Once you have a proper location, set apart work area and display area. The display area must be big enough to display your wares and maybe even retail them. Associate with shops that deal in furniture and put their items on display after creatively designing that area. Keep changing the setup, to attract more attention. People tend to notice what’s new.

Group membership: Get a group membership among well-known architect or interior designer societies. This will be very helpful to find the right opportunities and create useful links.

Promote your business: Promote business efficiently. With technology at your fingertips, this shouldn’t be very difficult with a proper strategy and devoted work. Promote your works on social media, be a regular blogger and approach SEO’s to help with developing the right strategy for advertising online. Hold online contests or maybe even at your shop if you can afford the space.

Contract: Be very careful in framing the right contract. Dealing with clients can be difficult, so it is better to get it cleared in the contract with the help of your accountant and legal or business advisor. Be crystal clear about what services you offer and also what the contract does not cover.

TrendsCRMWhat will a business yield if it does not have any customers? A market can never be complete without a consumer along with the producer. We live in an age of globalization, where people have multiple options for every single thing. A consumer is surrounded by various choices. How are businesses going to retain their customers? Attracting a customer on one time basis is easy, but retaining them for a longer term requires effort. Improving quality is one thing that will automatically attract many consumers. The other thing that every business needs to do is to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

Imagine a customer calling your customer care for some inquiry and the official answers him or her with an irritated tone. This is surely not going to help you retain your customers. A person will maintain brand loyalty only on finding something that he or she cannot get from other brands. Hence, build that factor that will bring you closer to your customers. Unless and until it is a monopoly, customer relations matter more than any other sector of your business. Without customers for whom will you create products or market services? Businesses must send their professionals for best salesforce training in Chennai.

Trained professionals will ensure better work culture in your business. Salesforce CRM is software that helps businesses to carry on their customer relations very effectively. It is not easy for a company to handle thousands of their customers. It needs smart approach and better workforce to cater to the needs of your loyal customers. Anybody would expect a better treatment for being loyal to a single brand for a very long time. Just like email marketing helps businesses, inform their individual customers about their particular offers for them. Segregating specific offers for a particular customer is a difficult task if done manually.

It requires the browsing history of a customer. Having the browsing data will help you analyze about the interests a person has. What they want and what they are looking for on your website will tell you what offers to give. Salesforce allows you to showcase the best you have for your customers. In a very easy way, you can reach them and attract them towards your products. Salesforce is highly flexible and customizable. It enables its users to practice CRM more effectively than any other tool. Many experts have appreciated the way Salesforce works in improving CRM. Many people undergo certificate training for Salesforce as their matter of choice.

Many times companies send their employees to get trained for using Salesforce. Whatever may be the reason, Salesforce is an amazing software tool in the present time. It has taken CRM to another level. It has not only sorted out the issue of handling lots of databases but has also made customer information far more accessible. Now, it has become easier to know about one particular customer from a list of lakhs of customers. Salesforce will group your customers depending on various factors. You can use the default instructions it follows or design a method of approach with its help.

After it has grouped your customer data, you can serve your customers in the way you think they deserve. How much discount can you give to a customer who shops your product once a month and on the contrary, how much to give a customer who shops your products every week? Obviously, the one who buys more will get more preference. Such potential customers need to be retained by a company. Retaining such customers will bring great benefits to the company. Here is the point where CRM plays the key role. Every company must focus on it. There are multiple software approaches to doing so, of which Salesforce is the best today.

Salesforce1In fact, you can use a Salesforce consulting company. Such companies can reduce the overall cost you incur for CRM. There will be no need to hire an in-house employee for doing so. Salesforce is integrated with cloud computing which makes it easier. Salesforce features are tailored in such a way that it meets almost every demand a business has with respect to CRM. Ranging from finance, healthcare, and many other fields, sales and marketing teams are going to be benefited the most. All the business information will be properly streamlined by the Salesforce consulting company. Companies can achieve their desired results through the use of Salesforce.

Salesforce has got good forecasting abilities. Prediction of several activities in a business is quite important as it helps in laying down any feature plans. Frome very sales angle, a particular project can be overviewed. Salesforce consultancies help in all round development of a company. Customers are understood in the best possible way. With Salesforce many possibilities have arisen, which were not possible earlier or were difficult to achieve.


All exercises performed to complete things through others are known as administration. At the end of the day, the administration is to oversee human and different assets prudently for the accomplishment of hierarchical objectives. It is all inclusive in all sorted out exercises. It is a practice of orchestrating men, cash, machines, materials and strategies towards satisfying the characterized goals. Check our rundown of qualities of business administration.
Each association is set up for a particular goal. Administration is an instrument or framework that contributes for the effective utilization of human and different assets to accomplish foreordained destinations. The principle target of business administration is to augment profitability with the ideal utilization of human exertion.
Basic Purpose
Administration is basic where human movement exists. The procedure of business administration might be unique in “relation to the association to association.” However, the fundamental standards of administration are same. One might say that the administration standards are all around relevant.
Social process
Business administration is a piece of the social process. Administration accomplishes its goals by, with, and through the general population. It uses HR for the accomplishment of hierarchical objectives. Administration needs to consider the authoritative targets as well as the social destinations. It needs to satisfy the requirements of representatives inside the hierarchical assets.


Process Dynamics
Administration is a dynamic and nonstop process. The administration arrangement of today may not be appropriate or successful for tomorrow. In this manner, an administration must be alterable and adaptable to the changing environment of the general public. Administration needs to adjust its style as per the time and circumstance. This adaptability is fundamental for an association to alter with the changing environment of the business.
Gather Momentum
The idea of business administration is not relevant if there is just a single individual or proprietor. It speaks to a group, class or area of individuals required in different administrative capacities. It is basic if there is a gathering of individuals required in playing out any action to accomplish shared objectives. Administration characterizes the power, obligation, and systems to perform particular work.
Address Specific Purpose
Administration as a procedure includes different sorts of capacities. One capacity of administration is interrelated with another capacity. The administration obviously characterizes the particular procedure of work to accomplish foreordained objective. It doesn’t consider the experimentation approach.