Architecture is the process and product of designing, planning and construction of physical structures like buildings and industrial set ups. Architecture in all its details and techniques is a work of art. It is the art and science of designing buildings in style and functionality. The design and planning of the space and ambiance must reflect functional, technical, environmental, social and aesthetic considerations. Architecture is the creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology. Architectural design and planning must also take into consideration the aspects of scheduling, cost estimation, construction administration and project management.

The architect offers professional services in accordance with architecture. Their typical drawings, plan and technical specifications define the structure and behaviour of the physical system to be constructed. An architect plays a crucial role in all levels and types of construction. They are involved in both macro and micro level projects ranging from urban design and landscape architecture to construction details and furniture. Chennai is an urban area which requires the accomplishment of latest construction plans and even the renovation of existing ones. Architects vary in their roles and specializations. Industrial architects in Chennai focus on the industrial area of construction. There are those that specialize in residential areas, landscape etc. Approaching a renowned civil consultancy in Chennai will be able to guide you to the best services available.

Educational qualification:

An architect might attain a degree at the graduate level as a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree. The associate degree or diploma is a level lower than that of a bachelor’s degree. The architect requires a graduate degree to qualify as a professional architect. The architectural courses cover building materials, building systems, architecture drawing and graphic techniques. In India, a person can pursue Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch) after completing 12th standard. B.Arch is a 5-year course for those with the clarity of thought, excellent drawing abilities, aesthetic sense, creativity and social awareness. The course provides both theoretical and practical knowledge and helps the person to develop creative skills.

Bachelor’s in architecture may also be designed such that the candidates specialize in certain areas like landscape architecture, interior design, architecture and regional planning, and building and construction management. Following B.Arch the candidate may also pursue Master of Architecture which again offers a wide range of specialization such as advanced design, architectural and settlement conservation, architectural conservation, architectural design, building construction and management, construction management, computer applications, digital architecture, environmental architecture, industrial design, interior design, urban design, landscape architecture, and theory and design. After completion of M.Arch, the candidate may choose to pursue higher degrees through M.Phil or Ph.D.

Types of architects:

The type of architect refers to the type of constructions the architect works on and the specific capacity of a given project.

Residential architect: This architect focuses his efforts on the construction of beautiful private spaces for homeowners. They contribute to the customization of homes with unique styles and designs. A residential architect works with private clients and helps them design dream homes. A residential architect must be clearly aware of local building codes and regulations. Architects help clients bring their own personal visions to life.

Public or commercial architect: A public architect takes up larger ventures for businesses or government entities. They are involved in the designing and commissioning of public buildings like government facilities, shopping malls, libraries and other commercial spaces. Public facilities like railway stations, bus stations and airports also can be impressively designed by architects. An architect designs the space such that is aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. An architect applies ergonomics to the space being designed. Architects may follow any of various types of architecture from around the world to reflect upon the style of the building.

arcjoIndustrial architect: In order to work on industrial projects it would be best to pursue on the lines of civil engineering as industrial architecture requires more elaborate design, detail and skill as compared to public or private buildings. It empowers the candidate with advanced knowledge of science and engineering. Industrial buildings need to fulfill technical functions. Industrial projects require artistic skills only to a certain extent, unlike residential or commercial sectors.

Landscape architect: This type of architecture specializes in the designing of outdoor areas like recreational parks, gardens, lawns, campuses of institutions and commercial buildings and other public destinations. Private parties and many homeowners seek the services of landscape architects to design unique and remarkable outdoor areas. A landscape architect’s knowledge must go beyond that of simple construction and develop towards gardening and incorporation of living surroundings.

Interior design: Interior designing may be considered as a part of the overall architecture. While there are interior designers who offer their services exclusively to interior designing of spaces, architects may take a holistic approach to designing of buildings and their interiors. Architects can do a great job of integrating interior design and architecture to bring fluidity to the entire work.

An architect may integrate various specializations into their skills set such as interior designing and landscape architecture to create spaces that have the best possible flow both indoors and outdoors.

Green architecture: This is a relatively new field in architecture that specializes in the creation of eco-friendly structures. These are built with solar panels, underground rooms and innovative features to enable sustainable living and reduce energy costs. The structure may have an organic design that is consistent with the natural environment and surrounding.

Architecture is a field of great scope and variety to the inquisitive and creative mind allowing the architect to demonstrate skills, creativity and talent in all walks of life.

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