If you are working on linkedin and trying to find more opportunities of business then you are on right way. But you have to care some things to get success on linkedin.com.

Look at network statistics to see what is going on with your account and the progress you’re making.
Keep in mind the number of characters in profile fields are limited, so you may want to do a few practice runs first before publishing everything.
Include past education and past companies/experience, not just your current business or company.
Customize your public profile’s URL so it’s easier to link this to other pages and people will remember it much better.
Utilize the reference check tool to find out how long someone worked for a company and much more.
Ask others within the community for advice. Since this site was designed for networking, people are usually more than willing to answer questions and give help.
Use the site to help get a much clearer picture of your competition.
Compliment others and give them praise when you’re speaking to them, so that they reciprocate. It makes both of your profiles look much better and can increase your exposure and ratings.
Do not only mention what you’ve done, but include what you’ve produced. Be sure to post results from your actions and include facts and figures if possible.
Use numbers, and show people percentages and actual, real numbers that back up the claims of your success.
The top of your summary is what visitors see first so be certain you’re including the most vital information here.
Utilize the answers tool as an opportunity to show off you expertise.
If you’re in need of a graphic designer, web hosting provider, or any other service, LinkedIn has its own services area where you can trade off with others who are among the trusted network.
Use your LinkedIn page link in your blogs, Twitter, Digg, your website, etc.
Try to become a recommended service or company by establishing a good reputation. People will flock more towards ones that have the “recommended” status.
Be sure to enable the “show website” feature in your profile.

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